There’s something about us…

There’s something about us…

Born out of passion for visual art, Media B Pictures has quickly become a true brand in wedding videography for couples all around Romania and Europe.

Our goal is to continuously increase the quality of our services, taking first of all into account the satisfaction of our customers.

We hope to continue our progress in the future, a future that starts right now!

Okay, okay, but who are we?

Media B Pictures is a team specialized in event videography and video production. By combining these two branches, we’ve been able to offer more and more attractive services, both visually and financially. Without any doubt, our number one priority is quality. This is how we reward our clients’ trust and we are honoured by every new collaboration.

Speaking of clients, every person who signs with Media B is equally important to us, no matter how big or small the project. We love beauty and elegance, and we don’t like compromises, and that includes gear and materials.

Filming  is done in FULL HD only, using professional Sony and Canon cameras and DSLRs. We also use exernal stabilizers, sliders, skaters and cranes to create a true distinctive and cinematic look.

Editing is unique and equally important. By using our own personalized 3D graphics and menus, filters and color corrections, our products stand out from the very first glimpse.

We bring memories to life,  we put memories in motion!

Find out more about us by exploring our portfolio and don’t forget to check out blog for updates!

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